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One thing is to spend 16 hours a day taking or working on your wedding photos or studying in galleries and books to take the best wedding pictures you can... another is that people will actually appreciate the difference.

There is still a tendency for wedding couples not to want the best but to want any average forgettable wedding photos that will never be of any interest to anyone outside the wedding and that have no real long term artistic or photographic value ... as long as they are cheap.

In photography one chooses cheap photos or good photos. There are two distinct markets.

One can make money off either but to be hired because of who you are to do the best work you can is clearly more satisfying and produces the more important pictures.

Edward Olive
International award winning wedding photographer from Madrid Spain
Winner of the First Prize in Professional Wedding Photography in the annual World Photography Gala WPGA Pollux Awards in 2010
Nominatee for the Hasselblad Masters Award for wedding and social photography in 2009


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