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There is certainly a lot of Helmut Newton here but taken to another level of the MTV all American steroids and silicone hip hop fast food generation.

Certain more shocking elements or at times a low resolution look bring to mind Terry Richardson, other more graphic are almost Guy Bourdin.

Popular culture, pop art, fine art, cult films, religious references, celebrities and sex fuse.

An incredible control and creation of even the finest details in set, wardrobe, makeup and styling that is the result of many days for many professionals and huge budgets come together to produce a unique world that is not just mere photoshop but usually all actually existed for the shoot in its full spray painted flowers glory.

David Lachapelle's work has been plagiarized by more than a few major celebrities in their pop videos (who I can't name for legal reasons) who should have hired him to direct their videos instead of the cheap photo-copiers (who have also copied Bourdin's work shamelessly).

Heaven to Hell is an essential purchase for anyone serious about their collection of contemporary photography books.

Edward Olive
International award winning wedding photographer from Madrid Spain
Winner of the First Prize in Professional Wedding Photography in the annual World Photography Gala WPGA Pollux Awards in 2010
Nominatee for the Hasselblad Masters Award for wedding and social photography in 2009


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