Note 11.04.11 Flickr: edward olive wedding photographer - please listen to a few requests before you write to us. Many thanks

Note 11.04.11: please note that:

1. I don’t give photography lessons by email or in person. Please do not write emails requesting personal tuition sessions in return for a cup of coffee. I simply don’t have time to reply to these emails. You will understand that I receive a lot of emails and can only dedicate time to actual clients and those wishing to collaborate in book projects, gallery exhibitions etc. My only advice for photographers is to discover your own true self and your own unique way in the world. Good luck in that.
2. Please do not request quotations to purchase handmade fine art silver gelatin prints for less than the cost of DHL international shipping. We will be pleased to deal with serious enquiries from serious art photography collectors, art galleries and image agencies.
3. If you are a local wedding photographer please don’t write to us with a false name or pretending you are going to get married just to know my prices. We would be pleased to hear from genuine wedding couples who really do think that I am the person to shoot their wedding or event.
4. If you are getting married or planning a social event or photo shoot I would be pleased to hear from you as long as you understand that as a serious professional person and photographic artist I charge fees for my work the rates of which are based on various factors. I don’t accept contracts from people who think that if they write long emails telling me their life story I will travel across the world for less than economy class travel expenses just for the honour of being able to shoot them or their wedding. It’s not that I am not happy for you to be so proud of your wedding day it’s just that I have a serious business to run and the only people who really do interest me to shoot for reasons other than strictly commercial are not the sort of people who write such emails. I wish you all luck with your weddings and with the photographers you hire if you choose in the end not to hire me for artistic or price-based reasons.
5. I am very happy that you come to visit my pictures. However I have seen far too many cheap copies of my pictures uploaded on this and other social networks. Please understand that true art is personal discovery and one’s own internal thoughts and reactions to the world projected in one’s own individual way which I encourage you to delve and search for within yourself. Good luck in this respect. Carbon copies or photocopies are of no value.
Many thanks to you all for your kind consideration.

Edward Olive
Wedding & portrait photographer from Madrid Spain

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