Buy this book. Kate Moss by Mario Testino: Mario Testino: Books

There are a lot of photographers who dismiss Mario Testino as mere fashion photography.

Don't listen to them.

You can like him more or you can like him less but he is just so important and actually very good indeed you just need to own all his books in order to have a rounded contemporary photography education.

I personally prefer Nigel Parry's dark brooding portraits.
I prefer Jean Loup Sieff in black and white nude study.
I prefer Guy Bourdin in color exotica.
I prefer Richard Avedon’s fashion photography.
I prefer Terry O Neill’s celebrity photography.
But we are picking hairs.
Mario Testino is great, his books are a must have. Its a no brainer. Buy the book!

This book is big and the photos are full on.

You may know many already but there's enough unseen to make it worthwhile.

Many are snapshots that look like they are from his Contax compact 35mm camera with on camera flash in color and BW, so blown up the grain is like pebble dashing, but Mario knows how to do perfect shots when he cares to and includes some from commercial work and his recent exhibition in Madrid Museo Thyssen gallery. The quick snaps have all his trademark energy and positivity. Kate Moss's photos are fun. Some are sexy, some are cookie.

You may like her more or less but she's just wonderful. Check her first casting reel on YouTube to see how incredible she was from day one.

I myself am a portrait and wedding photographer but take my hat off to Mario he beats me hands down. He is the perhaps the hardest working most productive guy there is. He never stops. His air miles must be like George Clooney’s in the film. Sometimes he seems to get things wrong like the recent Royal wedding engagement photos of Kate Middleton and Prince William but maybe his hands were tied but he’s brilliant and they were, with all due royal respect, just plain dumb not to hire him to do the wedding IT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE BEST WEDDING PHOTO ALBUM EVER DONE!

Suerte Mario, saludos de Madrid jefe. Ciao.

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