"Sexy young lady with one insect hand in flawed photo" - Copyright Edward Olive nude & erotic photography Fotografia de desnudos artisticos

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A slight pause to contemplate the picture and the dream will be shattered by the intrusion of the banal. Unlike many image banks and clients who look for sharp focused normal colored reality where you get what you see I like a fusion of what was really there and what I have in my head that I would like to create or how I would like things to be. Awful plugs though aren't they. Anyway thankyou to my model for her patience. I took ages to do a few of these.

Wedding & portrait photographer
Fotógrafo de bodas y retratos
Photographe de mariages
Fotograf per casaments
Madrid Barcelona Valencia Milano Roma London Paris
Portraits, weddings, children, stock photos, commercial photography, book and album covers & fine art nudes.
Retratos ,bodas, books, bebes, fotos de familias, embarazadas, fotografia comercial, portadas de libros y discos y desnudos artisticos.

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