(6) Edward Olive

(6) Edward Olive

Hi Edward,

That’s great, many thanks. I appreciate it. I’ve pasted the questions in below. If you could send your answers back within the next few days, that would be a big help.

  1. First, a little background. How long have you been a photographer and what led you into the profession?

Attached my bio and cv, awards, background etc which you are feel free to include here.

  1. Other than book covers, what do you usually shoot?

International destination weddings and social event, portraits, child photography, corporate photography and fine art nudes. You are invited to visit my portfolio on my website to see what I shoot.

  1. How many book covers have you done now?

You will understand that the exact details of my business, accounts, number of clients, fee rates and numbers commissions are not for public consumption. I do not publish the terms of my commercial or financial transactions as photographer. My relationships with my clients are confidential between myself and my clients.

I would be happy to discuss artistic and technical concepts, which are not confidential.

  1. Are your book covers commissioned or bought as licenses?

I provide both digital and digitalized analog commissioned images and license digital and digitalized analog images from my portfolio for my clients either directly or via Getty. I also sell hand made darkroom silver fine art prints to collectors that I produce personally.

  1. What makes a good photographic book cover? What should the image do?

I let my pictures speak for themselves. People are free to judge my pictures as they see fit. Those who purchase my images do for different reasons and I am very glad that they do. I try my best to take the best pictures I can. I myself am very uninteresting but I hope that my photography appeals and enthralls. You are invited to review my photos and to let them transmit to you.

What should the image do?

If people think my pictures make good book covers that's wonderful. I presume that book publishers and authors base their choices on a variety of commercial and artistic criteria but I personally play no part in clients' reasoning on what my pictures should say. I do not dictate to the public or to clients what each picture means or should say. I prefer people to form their own views on the meaning and any message, atmosphere or emotion captures, expressed or provoked in my work. I simply invite the spectator to partake actively choosing what he/she likes and letting the pictures speak directly to him/her.

  1. How do these book cover jobs come in?

I do not discuss such matters publicly. I would simply say that all those who are serious in wishing to contract my services or license my work at reasonable commercial rates should write or call:

0034 605610767


and someone will deal with their enquiries.

  1. Do you have to read the book before shooting or submitting an image or does the publisher ask for a particular photo that s/he thinks is suitable?

The client makes all decisions. I follow briefs if working to order or provide images requested if selling preshot images.

  1. Finally, what advice would you have for a photographer hoping to shoot book covers?

My advice for any photographer is to be unique. Think your own original ideas. Develop your own styles, techniques etc. There are millions of generic photographers producing the same worthless generic images that will be of no long term importance. The true artists, the Bourdins, LaChapelles, Duffys, Horsts will live forever. Be very strict with yourself. Learn how to judge your work. Improvements in the quality of a photographer's work come from knowing you can do better next time and studying how to achieve the improvements. I fell into the trap some years ago into thinking my pictures were really good comparing them to the work of insignificant small time local professional photographers. Very big mistake. Compare your work to that of the historically great, the real top players and you will soon realize you are a very, very small fish in a very big pond with some really, really big fish floating around the various continents. The big fat fish in the little pond only inflates his own ego. That was me. Don’t make the same mistake.

I wish all those with talent, passion and dedication the best of luck in their personal journey. I buy many hundreds of photographers' books each year and am always thrilled to find someone good I didn't know.

Many thanks in advance for your help, Edward. Is it okay if we use some of the images you supplied to illustrate your answers?

Feel free to use what you like. Credit to http://www.edwardolive.info/

Kind regards and thankyou for your interest in my photography.

Edward Olive Fotógrafo de boda+34 605610767 edwardolive@hotmail.com http://www.edwardolive.info/
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