wedding photography for cool people - lady and man in pink

Edward Olive
Fotos artísticas - bodas Madrid Barcelona -

john travolta is my 1975 wedding photography inspiration

i found this. its all real. real strut. real colors. i can't remember where they were or at what time of the morning.

i f*cking hate "wedding photos" but i love these 1970´s "wedding pictures"

i have spent a month rethinking my wedding photography. people were bored with it. it needed a serious style change. despite all hating me even the local wedding pros were starting to copy my work. time to change. let them try and keep up. its hard pushing things up to the next level but i'm trying.

Edward Olive - photography for weddings with style. If your wedding has style and a shed load of budget let me know and I'll shoot it. All rights reserved - Downloading and using images without permission is illegal.

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